About us


Made for Muffs was conceived a long time ago, through pure necessity and a bright idea, while working in the South Gippsland Summer sun.

This was backed up by an entrepreneurial spirit, a hand-made prototype, a lot of just talking about it, some keen interest from friends & family, and the sheer good fortune of already knowing some very helpful contacts.

Then came the paperwork and the waiting, the home samples, grandma's old sewing machine, the search for manufacturers, samples... and more waiting. There was also risk, and working hard to self-fund the (ad)venture... more time ticking, alterations, patience, website engineering & design, and now... getting it out there.

So here it is, many years later, finally but suddenly manifest!

For those who recognize the same need, we sincerely hope our product works for you as well as it works for us.